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How to Prep for an Accessory Tech Pack Development

Updated: Dec 8, 2023

Tech Pack Development/ Image: Death to the stock photo
Tech Pack Development/ Image: Clutch Made

A must-have when creating an accessory is a well-done Tech Pack. The Tech Pack is a union of technical specifications, usually measurements with design details and material lists of the product to be developed. Therefore, having a well-done Tech Pack is crucial for the product's final results, which will take the form of a sample.

We have created a quick checklist here with some of the most important steps you should know when developing a tech pack with a professional designer, and give you some information on how to be prepared for the Tech Pack development process!

The Importance of a Tech Pack

A well-done Tech Pack is the main key to any successful fashion brand's product. That’s because it will provide both the manufacturer and the designer with a clear idea of how the final product should look, with every detail noted on the document.

In addition, a Tech Pack can be used as a master document, where the team will add comments, improvements, revisions, or any changes that are needed during the development. The Tech Pack is referenced for future iterations of the sample, as well as serving as a stand-by guide during the production process.

A Tech Pack that is easy to read can save time - and money - during the development of your accessory, reducing the number of samples you will need to make. A well-done Tech Pack should be easily understood by the client, the designers, and the makers.

Keep in mind that a well-done Tech Pack is usually best made by a professional designer, someone who knows the process and how to achieve what the client is looking to make. Following are some important steps you should be prepared for when starting an accessory Tech Pack development with your team.

1. Reference Images

Reference searching
Reference searching / Image: Death to the stock photo

To make the designer's work easier - and closer to what your expectations might be, gather reference images of what you imagine your product to look like. Think about the overall structure; is it going to be on the slouchy side or have more form to it, what is the overall shape, and how do you imagine the bag closing?

Also, think about what kind of handles you want your bag to have, or, if you would like it to have a crossbody strap, and then if this crossbody strap is adjustable or not.

So, there is a lot of detail and creativity to think through. It is all about getting your ideas down onto paper.

2. Overall Measurements

Measurement/ Image: Death to the stock photo
Measurement/ Image: Death to the stock photo

To get a better understanding of the size of the product you want to develop - especially when considering the development of a handbag - we would recommend that you try and get an overall idea of the measurements. What is always helpful in getting an idea of size and measurement is measuring a handbag that you have or researching similar bags online to get an idea of the measurements you want. This will help you get the ideas for the size of your bag more in perspective.

3. Branding

Custom Hardware/ Image: Clutch Made
Custom Hardware/ Image: Clutch Made

Once you know what your brand is all about, as we discussed in the article The Marriage of Brand Identity+ Accessory Design, it is time to think about how your brand is going to be reflected in your product or your bag.

Is it stamped on the outside or is there an interior woven label? Do you want custom hardware, like a zipper pull, with your logo engraved on it, or are you interested in what is already on the market?

These are all important steps you should already have in mind before starting the Tech Pack development with a professional designer.

the Clutch Made Tech Packs: What makes ours unique

The Clutch Made Tech Packs are the most complete Tech Packs you will find in the market. With a team of designers, we develop Tech Packs with the highest details possible, making sure that any maker will be able to reproduce your bag. There is a simple clarity that both our clients and our makers can understand.

We specialize in developing accessories that are proudly made in the USA, encouraging our customers to design sustainable products, made locally from eco-friendly options of materials.

To start developing your accessory brand, book our Tech Pack Consultation, a design- focused consultation where we will address your design questions and challenges for your project, or dive into The Business Building Pack. This includes a Design and Social Media consultation, plus our exclusive online course on designing and manufacturing accessories in the USA. Enjoy it on our September special deal and get started developing your accessories brand now!


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