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How to review your tech pack: Size Matters

Tech Pack
Tech Pack Design @ Clutch Made

The first step in your sample development process is the Tech Pack Design Service. A Tech Pack is a document with illustrations of all views of your bag, measurements, materials, design details, and everything a sample maker needs to know to make the product just how you envisioned it. A big part of the tech pack development is your feedback on the first edit so we can make the necessary changes to fine-tune the file.


Helpful Measuring Tips

We always tell our clients: “Once you receive your tech pack document, please review it with a measuring tape on hand as sizes may appear differently on the screen" meaning not as big or small as you might have thought. Sometimes, just a measuring tape is not enough for you to fully understand the measurements shown on your tech pack. Don’t worry – we have a great tip.


Scissor and measurement tape

Besides having a measuring tape or a ruler when reviewing specs, try to have on hand any object that’s remotely the same size as the bag you want to make. You will look at this object’s height, width, and depth, and compare those to the specs on your file. By looking at your design’s measurements projected to this object, you will understand what the bag will look like, what can fit inside, and how it feels to carry something near this size or shape. Then, you will know whether or not you like the current measurements on the tech pack for the bag you are designing. We have a Reel on our Instagram feed showing you how to do that. Check it out here:


By confirming and adjusting measurements during the first stage of the sample development process, you’re closer to getting the perfect product on your first sample!

To get started with your Tech Pack Design, try our Accessory Tech Pack Consultation. This design-focused consultation will help you address any design questions or challenges you may have for your project. Click here to shop now!


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