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What happens when you are shopping for the perfect handbag but cannot find it? You were looking for something unique that was able to hold all of your things but you found yourself sacrificing style for function. You then realize that you have a great idea. Possibly an idea that the market is lacking. An idea that you're passionate about. But how do you get started? How do you turn your idea into a marketable product and develop it?

The team at #clutchmadedotcom is here to walk you through how to go about creating a marketable product from start to finish, from concept to completion.

The easiest way to start is by scheduling a free call with us so that we can start to know more about your idea, your design, your brand, and your goals. After gathering your information from the call, we will send you a follow up email to get the process of designing started. We recommend scheduling a design consult. The design consult guides you through the product development process , explaining both the business and manufacturing parts of developing product. During our consultations we discuss who, what, when and how you are going to take your concepts to market and what you can do NOW to get started creating your brand.

The second step of the design process is the tech pack , the most necessary and PROFESSIONAL step in developing your design. Our professional tech packs include illustrated drawings with measurements, details and material lists for your design. This tech pack can then be taken to a manufacturer who can translate your design into a product. Keep in mind that this is a professional industry, so if you want to be taken seriously, you should come prepared with a tech pack and not a sketch on a napkin. So feel free to reach out to our team of experienced product developers so we can assist you in formulating all dimensions, details, functionality and materials for your product.

Thirdly, you'll want to find the perfect materials and hardware for your final product. We offer amazing sourcing services to find the best and highest quality materials for your design. If what you envision is not on the marketplace, we will work with you to design and create it, be that linings, custom printing, logos and hardware.

Now you're ready to manufacture your product. But how do you get started in the process of bringing your design to life? Our team of artisans are expert sample makers. Whether from a prototype or tech pack, we will translate your ideas into a pattern. This pattern then becomes the basis for your sample! You are now able to see your final design in 3-D, in all the materials, hardware, and leathers that you had visualized . Once you are fully satisfied with the final sample you can start manufacturing your products in the USA!

Manufacturing in the USA is back in demand! We have the capacity to start manufacturing your products now. Your American Made products eliminate inferior qualities of products made in masses overseas, high shipping costs, miscommunication and delivery time as well as recent tariff and tax increases. We manage all your production needs at our own factory here in the USA. We manufacture any order quantity and each product is hand crafted with years of experience and artisanship.

But we don't just stop there. Now that your product is finalized and you have a marketable #USA made accessory, you can review all of our services that will support your business in getting started. We offer branding and merchandising that can help distinguish and personalize your products. Need photos and videos of your product? Why waste your time short-selling your products with unflattering imagery and poor quality images. We offer photography and videography services that can be used to create your social media and online presence. We offer offer professional website design and social media support that will just knock your designer socks off!. What's more, you can even sell with us on our website, a curated marketplace for the latest in fashion and style.

If you have the idea and the passion, we have the services to guide you from concept to marketable product completion. Making everything #USA made along the way, as well as supporting local businesses and economies and setting you apart from the saturated marketplace.

Make in the #USA with us today!!! Get on our list for our soon to launch online course that will guide you through How to start making Accessories in the USA (all without leaving your house!) #staytuned #comingsoon

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