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learn on the last days of summer

You're patiently waiting for the first few days of fall when you can turn off your AC and start transitioning to winter. You've said to yourself that this year you would start that company you've always dreamed of having, or make that bag you always wished people designed. Or you were ready to take your side hustle from part time project to full time business. So why wait any longer? We have the perfect summer course, created for people like Y O U who have the passion, and have the drive but maybe don't have the time or can't commit to their business 100% yet! Our summer course is the perfect taster for what making marketable accessories in the USA is really like. With over thirty years experience from our team at Clutch Made, the course takes you through step by step lessons on how Y O U too can create in the USA! And not just create but establish a marketable and T H R I V I N G business - all without leaving the comfort of your own home.