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Service of the month: The Design Consultation

"It is my dream to start a handbag company. I have no clue where to start but I am hoping that with this free call and eventually a paid face-to-face consult, I can begin watching my dream come to life."

Does this quote sound familiar? Are you looking to make your dream come to life? Do you have visions of designing a bag collection, but are just not quite sure how to start? Then look no further ~ as you have officially arrived at the right place. The Clutch Made Factory is your one stop shop for developing and making your accessories in the USA.

At Clutch Made, we offer our very unique, one-on-one Design Consultation. This is how it works. Once we have scheduled the phone or video call with you, we email you our comprehensive "homework" to prepare for the one-hour consult. The secret to our sauce is that we give you the tools to work with so that you can illustrate to us what your ideas look like. We encourage all of our clients to really think out their designs---not only for functionality, but for marketability. The Design Consultation is the place for this inception; the place where design and brand begin and grow together. From the start, your design should have a purpose, and with that purpose, a design that follows, then the marketing and branding to get it out there so future customers know about you.

There is a real movement happening with wanting to manufacture in the USA. Brands are trying to bring their productions back to the USA, and start-ups are understanding that it is more beneficial to make it in America. Scheduling this consultation is your first step towards having your own accessories' collection that is made in the USA. It really is a very satisfying feeling to see your ideas finally come to life.

Book your design consult today so we can start making your dreams come alive!

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