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The Benefits of Social Media for Small Fashion Businesses

Updated: Dec 8, 2023

Social Media presence for small fashion business/ DTS Image
Social Media presence for small fashion business/ Unsplash Image

Two decades ago, having a social media presence for a Small Business wasn’t a necessary need – but now all that has certainly changed. Nowadays, to promote your brand and connect with your target audience you must be on a social media platform, such as Instagram, Facebook, or TikTok.

When promoting an accessory brand, social media is even more relevant to your business, since it works as a window to your brand. To assist you in understanding the importance of social media for small businesses we gathered some of the reasons why you should invest in putting your content on social media platforms.

Building communities by sharing your brand values

Brand Values/ Freepik Image
Brand Values/ Freepik Image

For starters, let's talk about values. Take for instance sustainability. If sustainability is one of your brand values, you should start posting quotes, images, and pictures of people who symbolize sustainability for you. Then, a person who also likes sustainability and runs into one of your posts, will like it and start paying attention to what you post.

Tomorrow, if you share something about your product, this same person might be interested, since it carries one of the values you both have in common. And just like that, one day after another, you will start building a community!

Social Media Marketing Drives Web Traffic

Web Traffic/ Freepik Image
Web Traffic/ Freepik Image

The second reason for investing in social media platform content is that it will definitely drive traffic to your website. By posting on Instagram or Facebook, you will be able to share your website link with your audience. On Instagram, it’s possible to add a link in the bio, right under the name of your account.

You can add just your website link to your Instagram bio – which will be a great move! - or add a linktree, which is a social-linking platform that allows you to add your blog, website, Spotify account, and more in just one click.

To be remembered you must be seen, right?

Social Media presence, Instagram, Facebook, TikTok/ Freepik Image
Social Media presence, Instagram, Facebook, TikTok/ Freepik Image

As we mentioned at the beginning of this article, nowadays it’s essential to have a social media presence if you own a small business. That's because according to research published by Stacy Jo Dixon in August 2023, over 4.26 billion people worldwide use social media. Therefore, the chances your target audience will end up scrolling the feed of your brand profile is very high.

The past years taught us how much online platforms have grown, and almost every month we hear about some new social media platform that is trying to gain traction. Our main recommendation is this: get started on your social media platforms with your brand content as soon as possible. Start building your community, and gain credibility - in the future, your business will benefit from that. It takes time to attract your followers and to get your message out there.

The Clutch Made Factory + Social Media Maintenace

Social Media Mainantence/ Clutch Made Image
Social Media Maintenace/ Unsplash Image

If you find that you are overwhelmed by your social media maintenance or need some guidance in setting it up or even maintaining it monthly, The Clutch Made Factory can assist you. Our team has the expertise to manage your digital content so your brand can engage with your consumers. Ultimately, you will be selling your product and increasing your brand's visibility. So it is well worth the investment.

As it happens, the Social Media Consult is one of the three services offered in the Business Building Pack, which we have as a special deal for this month!

This pack includes a Design and Social Media consultation, plus our exclusive online course on designing and manufacturing accessories in the USA.

Click here to shop NOW for the Business Building Pack! Transform your business ambitions into a reality!


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