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Timely Handbag Samples catch the Sales

Updated: Jan 2

If you want to develop beautiful accessories that match the spring or summer season, it is best to start preparing in the fall. Although it may seem too early, beginning the process as soon as possible is essential. As experts in manufacturing and developing accessory brands in the USA, we can assure you that creating high-quality products takes time.

Therefore, we recommend starting the production of your accessories at least two seasons before you plan to launch them -- this will give you enough time to perfect the design, manufacture the products, and ensure their quality. To gain a better understanding of the reasons why you should prepare yourself early, read the text below!

The sample-making process takes time!

As we already explained in our previous post How long does it take to Develop a handbag? the length of this process can vary depending on the materials necessary for each sample. However, it takes time to create a high-quality final sample that meets the client's expectations and is made of high-quality sourced materials.

While the ideal situation is to have the perfect sample on the first try, it is not always possible. Clients often have a specific bag size in mind that they believe will look good, but when the actual sample is received, it may turn out to be too big or too small. In such cases, it is better to create another sample to achieve the final look the client desires for their product. To ensure that your production meets your expectations, it is important to have the best possible sample.

Custom hardware for a unique brand

The Clutch Made Factory offers custom hardware, custom lining, and custom printing – as well as a varied menu of items to make your final product unique and recognizable. All the customizable parts take time to develop, so keep this in mind when planning your production.

For instance, to develop custom hardware, the brand must have a multimedia logo, which can be applied to all the different applications to which you need to use it, ie, custom 3D hardware, woven labels, logo stamps, social media profile pages, and the list goes on. If the logo does not translate into custom hardware, we will have to revisit the logo development step to find a solution.

On the other hand, if you haven’t developed your logo yet, our design team will work with you on the development of your logo and make sure that it works for all applications needed.


Production/ Image: Unplash

If you plan to launch your brand in 2024, consider starting in the fall season to make the most of the opportunity! The Clutch Made Factory provides design and manufacturing services to individuals and brands looking to source and produce in the USA. We encourage our clients to use sustainable materials, with an ethical process of designing and manufacturing.

We are experts in sourcing, accessory design, brand development, sample making, and social media set-up and maintenance. We are ready to assist you in your accessory development and production! Click the link here to learn more about our services – start developing your accessory brand today with the best guidance you could have!

P.S. check out the Product Design Pack and get started designing today!

Get the FALL rolling!


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