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What it Means To Produce Consciously

Nowadays, ethics and sustainability have become some of the main topics discussed, regardless of the industry. It's no different when it comes to fashion and the creation of accessories. Research indicates that the interest in acquiring sustainably produced accessories has been growing more and more. Forbes released a survey that indicates that 62% of Gen Z prefer to buy from sustainable brands and are willing to pay more for ethically produced products.

The interests of consumers are extremely important, but they also portray an overwhelming reality behind today's consumption patterns: natural resources are getting scarce, and the consequences of the frenetic consumerism that has been propagated during the last decades are being noticed more and more. In addition, topics such as the working conditions of factories and the ways of acquiring materials have been discussed more and more, since depreciable work situations are being denounced every day.

The creation of new products must be responsible. Therefore, we at Clutch Made Factory reiterate the importance of producing consciously. But what does that mean?

Environmental Impact

Creating new products should be done responsibly. From design, which should be planned with its functionality and durability in mind, to even freight planning for production should be considered when it comes to the environmental footprint your product will generate. How it will be shipped and how much of this shipping is taking up part of that carbon footprint are conversations to keep in mind.

The most important reason to choose products that are made in the U.S. relates to carbon emissions. Climate change is already upon us at this point, and all CO2 emissions are further contributing to the problem. The shorter distance a product has to travel, the less fuel it uses, and therefore, the fewer carbon emissions it produces, according to Recyclebank. – Green Bank

Producing close to where you will sell is one of the issues that can make it easier for you to have a more negligible impact on the environment. In addition, some strategies such as using biodegradable materials for shipping and storage also help when it comes to sustainability issues.


There is a big debate when it comes to the materials used in accessories and sustainability. There are brands that prioritize using materials that are not of plant origin. At the same time, other brands value durability and the generation of less waste since many alternative materials have significantly lower life spans. There are pros and cons to each type of material used, so your choice should be consistent with your brand's vision.

If you are interested in learning more about materials and sustainability, we at the Clutch Made Factory offer our Design Consult, where we can ascertain details of your brand and your production so that you can design a product that follows your visions and is marketable at the same time.

Fair Production

“Fashion has a multi-faceted relationship with human rights, regarding employment practices and the narratives of fashion, which either uphold or deny universal rights, equality and equity.” - The Sustainable Fashion Glossary (Condé Nast)

Unfortunately, there are almost daily reports of productions that take place in precarious conditions, or even in conditions analogous to slavery. This happens mainly in large corporations that aim for the lowest possible cost of production. However, the price ends up being paid by the workers who bring these products to life. That is one of the reasons we encourage people to manufacture with factories that do care about their working conditions.

One of the easiest ways to ensure fair labor practices and safe working conditions is by working with factories that are located close to you. In the U.S., facilities must guarantee that their workers are fairly compensated and that their factories meet safety standards. At the Clutch Made Factory, we work hard to provide our team with a supportive and safe working environment.

So, if you're looking to create your accessories consciously, we at the Clutch Made Factory are here to assist you. Our team has a vast knowledge regarding sustainable practices - and if you want to start designing efficiently and in an eco-friendly way, we suggest scheduling a Design Consult with our team. Our consult will cover business, marketing & design practices that will help you adequate your branding and your products to your vision.


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