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What it Means To Produce Consciously

Nowadays, ethics and sustainability have become some of the main topics discussed, regardless of the industry. It's no different when it comes to fashion and the creation of accessories. Research indicates that the interest in acquiring sustainably produced accessories has been growing more and more. Forbes released a survey that indicates that 62% of Gen Z prefer to buy from sustainable brands and are willing to pay more for ethically produced products.

The interests of consumers are extremely important, but they also portray an overwhelming reality behind today's consumption patterns: natural resources are getting scarce, and the consequences of the frenetic consumerism that has been propagated during the last decades are being noticed more and more. In addition, topics such as the working conditions of factories and the ways of acquiring materials have been discussed more and more, since depreciable work situations are being denounced every day.

The creation of new products must be responsible. Therefore, we at Clutch Made Factory reiterate the importance of producing consciously. But what does that mean?