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the perfect time to make a tech pack

So you have your idea and you're ready to take it from sketch to reality. How do you get started? How do you turn it into the next step so you can manufacture and produce your accessory? Tech packs are a vital part of this stage. They help you visualise your product with specifications, sizes etc - but also communicate to your design team or manufacturer the specs that will allow them to correctly and professionally develop your product.

Unfortunately tech packs can be hard to develop yourself if you aren't familiar with the process, that's why it's beneficial to have a professional team to support you, and that's why we developed our tech pack consultation.

The tech pack consultation is a 45-minute phone consult with the Clutch Made team. In this design focused consult we will address your design questions and challenges for your project. We will review design details, specs, concepts and work with you to find the best solutions to bring your product to life, all while taking into account USA’s manufacturing capabilities and your budget. We will explain the difference between off-the-shelf options and custom-made items, go over bag construction basics, and work on fine-tuning your design. To book this service, please fill out our contact formand we will get back to you. Ready to get started now? Purchase this consult here.


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