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Trending materials this fall

Are you a fashion addict? Maybe you have an obsession for well crafted accessories. Or are you a designer? Someone who makes in the USA? The team at Clutch Made is here to bring you the latest on whats trending material-wise this Fall 2019m in New York City and the USA.

First up - layering, layering, layering. The combination of unprecedented fabrics together has been hitting the streets from couture runway to street style influencers. With brands like Balenciaga showing us just how fabrics can be layered, we predict this style of combination patterns and colors will transcend thru to accessories and handbags.

Cowgirl fashion was all the rage this season, from fringe details to cowboy boots worn with petite summer dresses. These Western accents were super subtle, cool and chic, embracing a massive cultural aspect of fashion in the United States.

From comfort to fashion, padded and oversized jackets and quilted materials are set to make another appearance this Fall season. Fashion houses like Alexander McQueen have showed us just how a little volume can go a long way with their quilted jackets.

Faux fur will also make a big comeback this Fall with brands like Stella McCartney who is set to create new standards for ethical and sustainable fashion. At Clutch Made we even have vegan leathers and ethical material alternatives for those conscious of their brand's impact.

So, are you ready to be ahead of the material trends this Fall? Schedule a call at to start bringing your new accessory to life, knowing it will be perfectly on-trend when you release it!

Not so ready to take that leap yet? We have the perfect summer course for you! You can learn how to create marketable accessories in the USA without leaving your home - it's at your own pace so there's no need to rush or feel the pressure to commit if you can't take your passion from idea to product right now. You can learn more about the course