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Why Is Making a Sample Before Production Essential?

There are many important steps you need to follow before you start selling your products, from Tech Pack creation to production, each step has its own role and degree of importance. One of the stages in designing your accessories is to make a sample of your product. The sample represents the final size, look and quality of the products you will will eventually receive in a full production order. The sample allows you to review whether you need to revise a design before going into full production. It is only by making a sample that you will be able identify possible design flaws in the earliest stages and make any necessary modifications. This and giving your sample a test drive.

Once you have your sample ready, you will be able to take it for that test drive, testing it to see if your design and the materials are on par with your expectations and function in a way it was designed for. If you approve the final look of your sample, you will be able to move on to production and make your products on a larger scale. That is why making a sample is an incredibly important step before starting your production.

At the Clutch Made Factory, we create the best samples in the USA. We will guide you through all the necessary process that will get you started on bringing your own ideas to life. If you want to know more about how to make your own sample, read our blog or schedule a call with our team today. Don’t wait any longer and start creating!


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