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5 steps to building your brand

At Clutch Made Factory, we work with you through the process of building and developing your brand, not just your product. This is because we believe both go hand in hand, and that without a strong brand, your product isn't marketable. Keep reading below to find out the 5 steps to building your dream accessory business

1.Schedule a free call

Scheduling a free call with us here is the perfect way to let us understand how we can best help you and where/how you can get started building your business and brand. The 15 minute call will introduce you to our team and help us understand what step you are at of your business journey so we can provide information and resources to get you started.

2.Take our online course and/or design consultation

Starting off with a design consultation and/or online course sets you up perfectly for all of the following steps of making in the USA. Our online course will introduce you to all of the terminology, information, tools and resources you need to get started. And our design consultation is an in-depth hour long one-on-one with founder Laura Dotolo. You'll receive invaluable information and tools relating to your brand and accessory. Of course, we recommend taking the online course and then the design consultation, which is why we created the perfect bundle!

3.Take our TECH Pack consultation

Our Tech Pack consultation is the perfect way to address all of your design questions and challenges BEFORE you go into production. We help you review design details, specs, concepts and more! Finding the best solutions to bring your product to life within your budget and goals.

4.Take our SOCIAL MEDIA consultation

Our Social Media Consult is perfect for anyone starting out building their business. Whether they have no idea how to use social media, or they already have an online presence. This consult takes you through getting set up, creating content, custom branding, posting, the algorithm and more!


Once you have all of the business, manufacturing and social media tools you need, now it's up to you to continue building your brand! Or if you still need some guidance, you can look at our social media packages that we can curate and custom design to suit your needs and wants.

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