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What's a Design Consultation???

That's a great question and I am about to explain that to you here. The design consultation is most effective when scheduled at the completion of our online course, 'How to Get Started Making Accessories in the USA' . The online course is designed as an introduction to making accessories, illustrating how to start your accessory business by marrying your marketing/branding along with your product design---as the two are always developed simultaneously. The development of the accessory is really based on your demographic; what that demographic might be looking for with materials, design and function, and making sure as you begin the journey, that you have identified this as you begin to design your product.

That being said, the one hour consultation with me, Laura Dotolo, continues from where the online course left off. We will discuss your design, materials, demographic, price points and time line. The consultation is where and how you communicate your design and branding message to us, and then we guide you towards developing this idea with our team. So, this is the step before we start your tech pack, sourcing of your materials and your sample/pattern.

Making your own product and starting your own business does take a lot of time and certainly money. It is not for everyone and not everyone fully understands the journey that they are about to embark on. We try to instill as much knowledge as we can to our clients, so they understand what it will take to build a successful brand, product and ultimately a successful business. All this is key before we move forward designing your product and working with you to make your sample and ultimately your production; all here in the USA.

Just let us know if you are interested in moving forward developing accessories with us and we can get you started. Once we decide on a scheduled date and time, and the service is paid, we will send you homework for the consultation. Welcome to the world of design!

Article written by Laura Dotolo.

Laura Dotolo is Clutch Made Factory’s Principal. She has been working in the design industry for over 20 years, starting out as a fashion stylist in New York City. She has transferred her skills to designing and manufacturing products for clients and takes pride in being able to translate client visions into tangible realities.


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