Updated: Mar 23

Gabrielle Mallory a Clutch Made maker, sat down with us to talk about her brand Gabrielle Ginger. With a career in diplomacy and politics, and her life as a mother and wife, Mallory's products emphasise luxury, quality and functionality in style. Continue reading below for why she reached out to Clutch Made Factory, advice she'd give emerging designers, and more...

Introduce yourself and your brand.

Gabrielle Ginger is a lifestyle brand focused on curating accessories for living. Our products accent everything with sophistication and timeless style. What drives our brand is a commitment to refined and intentional design that delivers a polished look with a hint of effervescence and cheer.

I set-out to design luxury products — with a focus on style, quality and functionality — for wherever life takes you. Our clients are modern and professional people, working inside and outside the home. You can use our accessories to help balance your work or family life.