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Sample made by Clutch Made/ Lady Bags
Samples made by Clutch Made

Are you thinking about developing a purse brand but are unsure about the amount of designs you should start with? To make that decision, you might want to consider the development time it will take for each style to go through during the design process.

If you are new to the accessories market and have not experienced an accessory development process before, you have come to the right place. The Team at Clutch Made has the expertise and knowledge it takes to develop accessory and purse collections. We know how to guide the client when deciding how to begin their accessory business. Read on to get a better understanding of developing your first accessory collection!

Small steps for Big Purse Brand results

Tech Pack by Clutch Made
Tech Pack by Clutch Made

The Clutch Made Team works with a large clientele who all desire to build a business in the accessory market but are not quite familiar with the developmental process of a product. For instance, it’s important to know that developing an accessory takes time and happens in different stages– the ideation stage, the tech pack stage (technical development), the material sourcing stage (material procuring and editing), and finally the sample-making stage. After that, there is still a big journey with marketing, branding, and sales.

When it comes to how many designs you should start with for the first collection you should consider all the stages mentioned. Your goal might be to develop a handbag collection – which might include lady bags, cross-body bags, backpacks, and travel bags. However, we recommend you take it slow at the beginning. Try making just one well-made accessory in your first production experience. Then you will learn the process better and you will be able to save time with future designs.

The Sample-Making Process of a Purse Brand

The stage that is of the most significance in the handbag development process is sample-making because it deals with your expectations. Sometimes, even if you have developed a detailed tech pack, the final sample may not match exactly what you were expecting. The 3-D sample with the approved dimensions is different when you see it in real life than when you are reviewing it on paper.

While keeping this in mind, imagine if you decide to execute three different purse styles simultaneously, as your first experience making bags. You might spend a lot of time remaking samples, because of details you weren't used to reviewing in more depth. After completing your first purse development and sample experience, you will have a certain knowledge of developing bags. Then, if you move forward to develop a collection with three different designs you will be more prepared for the sample-making process, you will be more focused and it will be more productive.

This is why we keep reaffirming that for your first collection of purses, it is advisable to start with the development of just one bag design. Take it one step at a time.

Online Course &

Accessory Design Consultation

Now that you have a better understanding of how many designs you should begin with for your first collection, we invite you to take the first step in starting your dream brand. Clutch Made offers the perfect bundle for learning how to get started designing and making your purse brand. We offer the Online Course: How to Get Started Making Accessories in the USA & Accessory Design Consultation Pack.

The Design Consultation is a one-hour design consultation with Laura Dotolo, either on the phone. This is combined in a package with our online course for designing and making accessories in the USA that will introduce you to all the steps for creating your purse brand to selling your product. Now that you read our blog you can use our exclusive discount code: insert the code BLOG10 to purchase the course with 10% OFF!



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